Broadband Technologies knows the industry, technologies, and products required to build quality systems. We’ve perfected best practices in construction and maintenance of outside plant equipment that results in consistent recommendations from industry leaders.

Project Management
• Advanced network evaluation and planning
• Due diligence and integrity assessment
• Business planning and review

Fiber Services

• Fiber Splicing
• Fiber Testing
• Fiber Network Documentation & Certification
• Emergency Repair & Restoration

Coaxial Services
• Overhead and underground coaxial network construction —
New Build or Retrofit
• Coaxial splicing — New Build, Upgrade, or Retrofit
• Forward and reverse activation sweep and balance
• Full system network testing and certification
• FCC Proof of Performance testing and reporting
• RFI/CLI testing and mitigation
• Preventative or as-needed network maintenance and repair
• Disaster restoration and recovery

Customer Premise Services
• Service drop bury
• Residential or commercial installation
• System audit and As-Built
• Filter installation or removal
• Drop certification and noise suppression
• MDU and commercial pre or post wiring