Broadband Technologies Inc. is proud to be an award winning installation contractor. Broadband Technologies installation services include constructing and connecting the drop cable between the Tap or Demark point of the plant and the consumer’s building or residence so they can receive the signals and use the service. Broadband provides both aerial and trenching services to support installation.

As a six-time Shining Star award winner in Central Florida East, our team of professionals leads the industry in video, internet, and telephone installations. Broadband installation teams use state-of-the-art recordable RF and modem test equipment and meters capable of testing forward and return, storing results, and uploading to server. Each installation is tested for CLI leakage using hand held detectors.

BTI Installers — Trained and Certified
Our trained Installation Technicians meet the highest standards. A mandatory weekly meeting keeps our technical team current with
the latest technical changes. Safety training and specialized safety equipment helps keep our technicians accident free. A full drug screening, background check and driving record check is conducted before any customer contact.

Our installers hold JONES NCTI CERTIFICATION for cable installation, high speed data, and VOIP.