When planning or expanding broadband network systems, integrating the design, installation services, product selection and testing is critical to your success. Broadband Technologies provides scalable headend construction services that are customized to your specifications, schedule, and budget.

Project Management
• Systems integration strategy and planning
• Headend equipment assessment and configuration audits
• Feasibility and network integrity assessment
• Assistance in right-of-way acquisitions and site surveys
• Product survey and analysis
• Technical due diligence and documentation
• Materials acquisition and administrative management

Headend System Design and Drafting
• Professional engineering, layout and design
• Technical specification development
• Documentation and drawings of the facility

Installation and Testing
• Installation of commercial infrastructure for
maximum efficiencies
• Physical installation of Headend and Hub equipment
• Wiring and connection of equipment
• Continuity testing
• Proof-of-Performance Testing
• Headend As-Built