Company Background
Broadband Technologies’ managing partners developed a base of industry knowledge and technical expertise through senior level roles at major Multiple System Operators (MSO). They used their experience and entrepreneurial skills to form three companies directed toward different aspects of system integration. In October, 2002, the three companies merged into Broadband Technologies to provide a full range
of services to more efficiently meet client’s needs.

The Managing Partners
Carl Elieff, President
After directing a state-of-the-art network upgrade for Jones Intercable’s flagship system in Alexandria, VA, Carl formed ONSI to provide networking services. Under Carl’s leadership and direction; ONSI quickly built a strong client base and solid reputation for service.

Ben Painter, Vice President Operations
With an extensive background in marketing, strategic operations and finance; Ben served in the capacity of Regional Director, Operations & Strategic Marketing for Jones Communications, Chesapeake Bay Region. He co-founded Broadband Technologies to deliver outside plant services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Company Focus

While our hiring standards are rigorous, Broadband Technologies has been highly successful in recruiting some of the best talent available throughout North America. Through ongoing professional development, employees stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve and maintain full proficiency with all major broadband/fiber equipment.

BTI is proud to be a drug-free workplace. We comply with all federal, state, and local safety regulations and are licensed and insured to work throughout the United States. In addition to providing continued education and training, we have an established incentive program, designed to reward employees for maintaining a productive and injury-free workplace. 

Broadband Technologies, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. It is our objective to provide our customers with the highest quality service available at a competitive rate, while also providing our employees with a rewarding, safe and challenging work environment.

We promise each client that we will deliver the highest quality of service, maintain integrity in reporting, and provide accountability for
our work.